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The Most Important Fluids Your Car Needs

The Most Important Fluids Your Car Needs

Just like humans, cars need fluids too. Without them, both of us die. Or at the minimum leave us with costly medical or auto repair bills. Humans can’t go without fluids for more than 3 or 4 days. If your car lost all of its fluids at the same time, you would simply be out of luck and out of a car. Finito!  Here are the top 8 fluids your vehicle needs to keep on keepin’ on! Gasoline: The most obvious of the 8. We take this one for granted because it’s a habit to fill up when our fuel light indicator tells us it’s time. Make sure you are using the best quality gasoline for your car and do your best to not let it get too low before every fill up. If for no other reason than you are more likely to run out!  Oil: Without it, your engine doesn’t will seize up, and you will very quickly find yourself broken down with a potentially huge auto repair bill in your hand. Darn it! This is a pretty easy fluid to stay on top of even if you go long periods ... read more


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