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About Bimmer Rescue, Your Full-Service BMW and MINI Repair Center

Our shop is a relationship model, our goal is for you to get the maximum value out of your investment, we want your car to last as long as you want it to, whether that be another 50k miles, 100k miles or 200k miles. What our clients like the most is that we LISTEN to what your MISSION is with your car and we consult accordingly, only servicing what aligns with your plan. We will ask you how long you've had it, how many miles are on it, how you drive it and most importantly, how long you wish to keep it. That way we can lay out a custom service andmaintenance plan that aligns with your MISSION for the car.


After we know your mission we evaluate the car carefully, taking time to measure, test and analyze every key area. We compile this into a report with REAL PICTURES of your car. Our Advisors are in the top 1%  of the country and will consult with you on what needs to be done to reach your mission keeping budget in mind. Full transparency is how we operate, we want you to always know what we are doing to your car as well as WHY. We are not going to try to sell  you a new car, it is in our best interests to keep your car running as long as you would like! Our clients that run their cars up to 140k over a 10 year period don't need to go through the painful process of buying cars and can save over 100k in a 10 year period! When it's time to upgrade their BR serviced cars are worth at least KBB value and are running great. Also during ownership their insurance and property taxes decrease, while new cars increase rapidly. 3-4 new car purchases all require state sales tax, titling and fees!

When comparing shops it is important to remember that there is more than simply price to consider. Repairs at BR are performed by qualified technicians (not always the case at a dealership), our parts are original equipment qualityor better (often times we use upgraded parts ie. we replace the OEM all plastic water pumps with metal impeller upgrades) and every repair we perform comes with a nationwide 3 year 36k warranty. This meas that if one of our parts fails prematurely, (very rare, while you are far away, you can roll into any shop near you, get it fixed and we will pay the bill, bringing you peace of mind wherever the car takes you. With BMW dealers you are limited to dealers only and depending on where you are that could be hundreds of miles away. Also, if you keep your car at our shop for servicing, we take care of towing (up to $75), jump starts, flat tires, run out of gas, etc with our complimentary roadside assistance package. There is also the personal touch, when you call us we know who you are, we know your car and we already know what your plan is. Average drop off times are 5 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes at a dealership. We will toss you the keys to our complimentary loaner fleet without a reservation (often dealers require 1-2 weeks notice for a loaner). All loaners are nice, clean, new cars with an EZ pass and good gas mileage. Another comparison is our technicians, we hire the best technicians in Richmond and we pay them as a team, they work together so when you choose BR you're getting the COLLECTIVE knowledge of the best minds in Richmond. Their pay has a guarantee so they are not pushed to make decisions that might not benefit you.

All in all, our shop carries a much higher VALUE than dealers, who are very good masking the hidden costs of vehicle ownership. Our clients cars last longer, drive better and are worth more money at the time of trade in, our clients have a better ownership experience!

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