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Your First BMW

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash


Welcome to the blog for May! We’re chatting about the things as mechanics and BMW owners we wish other drivers had told us before buying our own first BMW.

Do you remember the first Bimmer you owned? If you’ve never owned one before, it can be hard to relate. They are gorgeous cars and will likely fill you with pride. But like all makes and models, BMWs have their issues. It’s best to deal with those issues upfront so that nothing comes between you and your love of your car. Here’s our advice:

  • BMW’s are great cars, not perfect cars. As excellent as they are, they need maintenance and support to thrive. You can trust your Bimmer to come through for you, but if you then neglect your Bimmer, you’re going to wind up unhappy as it begins to unravel. A BMW ‘coming through’ is a machine giving out better than you put into it. Put your best into your BMW, always.

  • Keep on top of your situation. Regularly check the fluids. Fluids are the first place a BMW is likely to start to find a decline. When fluids aren’t appropriately kept or allowed to become gritty over the years, it can ruin the longevity of your Bimmer. Don’t let it. Open up the engine once a month and check levels and look for signs of trouble (acid corrosion on the battery, belts with cracks, weird smells, or leaks).

  • Embrace preventive maintenance. Some people think it’s best to wait until ‘something breaks,’ forgetting that something is their primary transportation. Preventive maintenance can be boiled down into this: it makes more sense to keep on top of your problems and know when is best to act than to wait for a system to fail and your car to break down. Preventive Maintenance avoids all of that.

If you’re preparing to buy your very first BMW, we hope you’ll bring it to Bimmer Rescue in Richmond, Virginia, for service whenever you need it-- please schedule an appointment today!

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