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Why You Should Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Your mechanic checks your car's cabin air filters each time you take your vehicle in for an oil change. Sometimes, a professional mechanic might even recommend that you have it changed, an idea which you, like most divers, put off for "later". Maybe it's because you don't know how vital a cabin air filter is to your car's heating and ventilation system, or you just don't know how dirty it is! All the same, this service can make a significant difference in your car's overall performance.


What is a Cabin Air Filter Anyway?


Modern cars are equipped with cabin air filters designed to keep harmful pollutants such as dust and pollen from the air inside your vehicle. They filter and clean up the air as it moves across your vehicle's heating and ventilation system. With time, these substances will eventually accumulate within the cabin air filters reducing their efficiency. You might then begin to notice strange and unpleasant smells in your vehicles or a sudden decrease in airflow. At this point, you should start considering replacing your air filters.


So, Why Change Your Cabin Air Filter?


To Facilitate Comfortable Rides


A new air filter will enhance the efficiency of your vehicle's heating and cooling system. It also keeps the interiors clean and fresh, facilitating cooler and more comfortable rides.


It Alleviates Visibility and Other Safety Problems


With a new air filter, your vehicle can quickly and efficiently defrost any fog that might stick on your windows. Suffice to say, this gives you a clear sight of the road from the windscreen, rear, and center mirrors.


Quieter Rides


When debris accumulates around your vehicle's cabin air filter, the AC will have to work harder, causing excess noise, making the journey far less comfortable.


Most car manufacturers recommend that you have your cabin air filter changed every 12,000-15,000 miles. All the same, this might be a little different if you mostly drive on highly populated and dusty roads. If you need your cabin air filter replaced, do not hesitate to drop by our auto repair shop today for quality services!

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