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Why We Don’t Give Phone Estimates

At Bimmer Rescue it is our policy to not give out quotes over the phone.  When a shop tells you a price without a physical evaluation of the vehicle, they may be trying to please you but they're really not helping you.  Cars are complicated these days, even a simple part is often part of a complex system and it is IMPOSSIBLE to know exactly what needs without a physical evaluation.  If a shop gives you a phone quote they are just telling you what you want to hear, it's very likely that they will find it needs more $$$ after they get it all apart.  The shop will either have to charge you more, eat the cost, or even worse they'll try and cut a corner to make it work without charging you or eating the cost.  Neither option is fair or honest, that's why we always demand a physical evaluation of the vehicle.  If the reason you don't want to drop it off is that you're not sure you trust us just yet we can understand that there are some dirty dogs out there.  Do your homework on us, interview us, come visit us without your car and make your decision!  If the reason you don't want to drop off is due to convenience we have many ways to help you with that, just ask how we can help.  

Let's forget about car care for a minute and look at a different industry.  We searched for the best Heating and AC specialist on Google and found Cool RVA (name changed to protect the innocent) this particular place had the most reviews, the bad reviews were responded to well, they have a nice website with pictures of their clean facility, they only install name brand equipment and they offered a better warranty than anyone else, plus they were located in Short Pump VA.  Here's how it went...

Cool RVA:  "Thank you for calling Cool RVA this is Stephen how can I help you?"

Bimmer Rescue:  "Hi, I'm looking to get a price to have the heat pump replaced at my house, can you give me a quote?  The old unit is a Carrier 24ABB360W320 4 ton unit, I'd like the whole system changed out"

Cool RVA:  "Absolutely, can I get your name, number, and address?  We have a technician available Wednesday or Thursday to come to your home and take a look at it."

Bimmer Rescue:  "I'm actually just looking for a quote over the phone, can you just give me a ballpark?"

Cool RVA:  "Sir, we don't give out phone estimates, we need to look at it before we can give you an estimate."

Bimmer Rescue:  "I'm really only interested in a quote before you come out, why can't you give that to me?"

Cool RVA:  "Sir, replacing a heat pump is complicated, every house and every situation is different.  We have to take everything into account to give you an estimate or there's a good chance the estimate will be wrong, we'd love to help you, can you please give us your information so we can start our process?"

Bimmer Rescue:  "I'll give you a call back. Thanks."

After the call, we admitted that we were prank calling and Stephen thought it was really funny.  He goes through this same call all of the time, some people see the sense in "We have to take everything into account to give you an estimate" and others are only looking for rock bottom price and he's not the place for that. 

Think about what could have happened if he had just barfed out a price of $4,000. 24ABB360W320 is the model number from our office AC compressor, it's only two years old.  There's a real solid chance that it needs repair, not replacement; thus making $4,000 something we don't need, repairing it is way less expensive.  Let's pretend that he said $4,000 and the system really does need to be replaced.  They get to the house and the AC Compressor is on the roof and there is no room for a crane in the yard, they need to rent scaffolding to set up a winch system between the houses.  Now, what happens to the $4,000 quote?  What if they arrive and find that their house actually has a natural gas boiler with radiators and reactivating this system will get the customer better heat at less cost and the heat pump can be replaced with traditional AC?  

Every house (or car) is different, every customer is different, every situation is different, please give us the opportunity to perform a physical evaluation of your car so we can present you with the options you deserve so you can make the right choice!

Car owners from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District have come to trust that the auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue give accurate auto repair quotes. However, we do recommend that you allow us to provide estimates in person as opposed to over the phone. This enables the Bimmer Rescue team to give your vehicle the most reliable estimate.


Without a physical evaluation of an automobile, it’s impossible to know just what is going on. We recommend that you do your homework on Bimmer Rescue. You’ll see our rave reviews for providing exceptional auto repair and customer service. If it’s challenging for you to bring your car to us because of your hectic schedule, we have good news for you. Bimmer Rescue offers free loaners cars and shuttle service so you can get on with your day. We’re so proud to be earning rave reviews from satisfied customers. Here’s one from a recent client:


“Honesty+Quality=Loyalty Patrick and Mike has brought back the most important thing in a business, REAL customer service! Patrick and Mike is honest with their diagnosis of the issues, researches problems and solutions when needed, and educates the customer in a simple and understandable way. The quality of work shows just how much they care about the work they do. Patrick has even gone above and beyond to help our family in recommending vehicles as well as stayed after hours to go through options. Not only do I have pure confidence, but it is because of them I can feel comfortable in any car, even those high maintenance ones that we all fear driving too close to the shop!” -- Amanda K.


Call Bimmer Rescue to schedule an appointment online for a quote. We’re located at 6401F Dickens Place, Richmond, VA 23230. Our team of qualified auto mechanics is highly skilled at auto repair and happy to provide help in any way. Clients from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District have come to trust that our commitment to stellar auto repair and customer service is unrivaled by our competition. We look forward to your visit!


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