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Why We Don’t Allow Customer-Supplied Parts

Car owners from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District have come to trust that they’ll receive quality and reliable auto repair from the auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue. In a nutshell, here’s why it’s not cool for customers to bring in their own parts. It’s like going to the grocery store and purchasing a delicious, uncooked t-bone steak. Then, you go down the street to Outback Steakhouse and tell the server you want the chef to cook it for you medium-rare. You’d be kicked out of Outback Steakhouse, wouldn’t you? Well, the same goes here at Bimmer Rescue.

Liability: The auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue don’t know the quality of the supplies that you would bring in. We are certain that all the parts that we use are in pristine condition and the best in the auto industry. We want to guarantee quality and by allowing us to use our supplies makes our job easier and more efficient.

Insurance: Every business has risks and that’s why purchasing insurance is important. If their insurance company discovers that the supplies come from an unknown origin, they may decide not to cover the claim or even worse, see the auto repair shop as a risk and drop their policy.

Profit: The profit from supplies helps keeps our lights on, pays the team, and allows our business to run as smoothly as possible. Missing that profit makes the transaction not worth doing that to a vehicle with increased risk and liability.

Warranty: Our parts come with a warranty. You won’t have that guarantee if you bring in your own supplies.

The good news is that Bimmer Rescue has you covered! Let us use our state-of-the-art tools, supplies, and equipment to get your car in optimal shape. New customers become long-term clients because we prove time and time again that we are leaders in the field. Here’s a recent rave review from a satisfied client:

“Audis are notorious for being difficult to work on and having inscrutable diagnostics. Having been very dissatisfied with the service at Audi dealership, we did not want to go that route, so we were thrilled to learn about Bimmer Rescue. We had a convertible top repaired, which no one else in the area seemed to be able to do, and most recently a longstanding issue with the chip in the ignition key. Both problems were resolved, service is always professional and every step of diagnosing problems is made clear with phone calls, emails, and pictures. GREAT group of knowledgeable people!” -- Judy C.

Call Bimmer Rescue for thorough auto repair or schedule an appointment online. We’re located at 6401F Dickens Place, Richmond, VA 23230. Our team of qualified auto mechanics is highly skilled at auto repair and happy to provide help in any way. Clients from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District have come to trust that our commitment to stellar auto repair and customer service is unrivaled by our competition. We look forward to your visit!

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