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Why Do Cars Rely on Motor Oil?

For a car, engine oil or motor oil is similar to blood for the human body. It's necessary to keep your engine alive and running for miles on end. That is why mechanics stress the importance of oil changes so much; it is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that car owners have to get most frequently. But what does engine oil do for our vehicles that make it so important? 

What Does Oil Do for a Car?

The main purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Since an engine has many moving pieces, engine oil must keep running to minimize friction and wear and tear. Otherwise, your engine parts would grind against each other and cause damage fast.

Moreover, the car engine produces an excessive amount of heat. Engine oil also plays a crucial role in bringing the heat away. Without engine oil, your car would overheat and not run at all.

What Are the Added Benefits?

Motor oil has come a long way since its first use in the late 1800s. While the primary function of engine oil remains the same, most engine oils now offer extra benefits that can enhance engine performance. For example, engine oil can help cleanse your engine by pushing dirt and other contaminants through an oil filter. Certain oils can have additives that include unique characteristics like: 

  • Corrosion blockers to defend against rust
  • Dispersants to kill and control sludge from building up
  • Viscosity index improvers to boost the effectiveness of the oil in more extreme temperatures

Engine oil benefits will vary depending on brand and type of oil (conventional, synthetic, or semi-synthetic).

Now that you understand the value of engine oil, you should know that skipping necessary oil changes can have very harmful consequences for your engine. If you're ready for your following oil change, our expert technicians will be glad to assist you. For quality auto services and repairs in Richmond, VA, please give us a call or visit Bimmer Rescue today!

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