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Why Are STEM Programs So Darned Important?

At Bimmer Rescue, we believe in supporting the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Programs in our local schools. Why? There are several reasons that are both practical and personal.

In this blog article, we will address five reasons Bimmer Rescue happily supports and teaches at schools in Richmond, Virginia.

1. STEM is fun! We should know, because that’s what we do for a living here at Bimmer Rescue. Let’s face it. If STEM wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t have been attracted to the auto repair industry in the first place. STEM is fun!

2. STEM is good for business! As auto mechanics, we often apply the scientific method to problem-solving, study the latest in automotive technology, flex our engineering skills, and use mathematics to produce the final repair bill. There are few businesses in today’s world that don’t use some form of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Even if you work a job that is not technical, chances are extremely high that you’re using technology (*cough*, like your computer) and engineering (*cough*, like electricity) to manage your tasks, right? Yes, STEM is good for business!

3. STEM is good for the global economy! If it weren’t for STEM, we wouldn’t have the Internet, cell phones, Bitcoin, or advances in physics. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics allow people to design new inventions or communicate within nanoseconds with people on the other side of the world. STEM helps us everyone on the planet become more abundant. Yes, STEM helps make the world a better place!

4. STEM is not gender specific! It doesn’t matter what gender you are. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math help everyone grow, learn, and have the opportunity to make more money. STEM programs help kids from all backgrounds have an opportunity to create, discover, explore, and inspire others. STEM opens more opportunities for all girls and boys!

5. STEM develops great employees! In the United States, we are currently experiencing a shortage of mechanics, builders, tradespeople, and critical jobs that help our economy remain strong. While college is a great educational path, the trades industries are actively seeking young women and men who have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For example, gone are the days where an auto mechanic is seen as a “grease monkey.” In today’s world, automotive technology is complex, sophisticated, and requires technically-savvy, problem-solving individuals who flex their grey matter more so than their muscles. Without STEM programs, small businesses in the Richmond area would not have the employees to fix your cars, build your house, repair your plumbing system, or maintaining the airplane that’s taking you away on vacation. Yes, STEM develops great employees!

6. Others did it for us! Parents, Grandparents, even neighbors all taught us to work on cars and think STEM. That's why we want to pay it forward.

We could go on and on, but we believe we have made our point about how vital Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are for every human being on the planet.

If you would like Bimmer Rescue to teach a STEM workshop at your school, we would be delighted to speak with you. Similarly, if you have a group of adults who would like to attend a car care clinic, or you have another cool idea, let us know. Contact Patrick McHugh ([email protected]) to begin the discussion.

We love teaching kids and adults about the things we do here at Bimmer Rescue. Our hope is that we inspire the next generation of designers, mechanics, technicians, astronauts, marine researchers, inventors, and more. You’ll find Bimmer Rescue at 6401F Dickens Place in Richmond, VA 23230. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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