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What is Automotive Endurance Racing?

Have you heard of Automotive Endurance Racing? Here at Bimmer Rescue, it’s our passion. Many people also call it LeMons Racing, and it’s a lot of fun. Automotive Endurance Racing is when you take an old beater car and you race it for 24 hours.

Automotive Endurance Racing is a lot more affordable than traditional car racing and we’d like to think it’s a lot of fun. They’re lemons, after all. Here’s a video that explains the sport:

But why are the folks at Bimmer Rescue so passionate about Automotive Endurance Racing? For one, it allows our gearhead crew to have fun modifying our old-model BMWs. For another, its a team effort where we all get together and take turns racing the cars. It’s an amateur sport, but we absolutely love it!

Now that you know what Automotive Endurance Racing is, here are three reasons why YOU can benefit from Bimmer Rescue’s passion: 

It gives our crew the opportunity to dive more deeply into automotive technology training and problem solving.
It expands our knowledge about BMWs, which is already pretty darned extensive. Our argument, however, is that this deeper knowledge allows us to better serve our clients when their vehicles develop issues.
We love the Automotive Endurance Racing community, and we have built a great reputation throughout Richmond because we all have so much fun together.

To share an example of what we mean, here is a recent news feature about Bimmer Rescue on WTVR CBS 6:

To be honest, with COVID-19, we haven’t had much time to focus on Automotive Endurance Racing. When the race tracks open up again, we’ll be happy to invite anyone interested in Automotive Endurance Racing to a racing event so you can see for yourself how much fun it is.

Instead, we’ve been zeroing in on how to offer touchless pick-up and delivery service to our clients through our Bimmer Rescue “TO GO” Service. We’ve also been 3-D printing face masks for first responders to give support to a community we adore.

If you would like to receive a face mask, take advantage of our “TO GO” service, or schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance, the Bimmer Rescue crew would love to see you. Schedule an appointment today. 

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