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Vehicle Lights 101

Our vehicle’s lights have many functions – some help us see the road ahead while others are used to communicate with other drivers. It is your responsibility to keep your car lights operating at all times. Just like the lights in our homes, they can eventually die out or even break. When that happens, know that you can trust the team at Bimmer Rescue with all your automotive lighting needs.

Car Lights & What They Are Used For

  • Low Beam Headlights - These are the basic headlights that should give enough light to show you what is ahead of you on the road at night. They improve visibility and safety when used during the day, through bad weather, and especially at night.
  • High Beam Headlights - These are your high beams that are known for giving intense brightness. You should only have them on when there are no cars around. These are great to use on back roads or dark-lit roads at night. You should avoid using them when it is rainy or foggy. 
  • Fog Lights - Speaking of fog, many cars nowadays have a unique light made just for foggy conditions. They are flatter and wider and positioned quite low on your car. They help illuminate the road without reflecting any light.
  • Tail Lights - These lights are the red lights on the rear side of your vehicle. They should turn on whenever your headlights are on. These help other drivers notice you from behind.
  • Signal/Turn Indicators - As the name suggests, these are the lights on the front and back of your car that blink on the left or right side. They let others know you need to slow down and make a turn.
  • Brake Lights - Brake lights are turned on automatically when you engage your brakes. No need to worry about turning these on manually.
  • Hazards/Flashers - Last but not least, these lights are turned on when you want to alert others that you’re in distress. Whether there is an obstacle ahead or you’re on the brink of a breakdown, remember to use these in troubling times.

As you can see, all vehicles are equipped with many types of lighting. With the seasons changing, we encourage you to take a quick moment to check that all these are operational for your safety. If you need help testing your vehicle’s lights, or require light repairs, please visit the local auto experts at Bimmer Rescue.

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