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Top Valentine Gifts for a Car Enthusiast


Well, if you don’t happen to have around $150K needed to buy your sweetheart the 2019 BMW i8 for Valentine’s Day this year, then we suggest a few other options:

  1. A used one for $75K. Well why not? Okay. Okay. We’ll suggest a few other, less expensive options:
  2. Top Gear is a win if your sweetie is into fast-paced auto action that sometimes ends in broken bones but is always fun. And not broken bones for them, but for they guys trying to pull the stunts in the show! See… that’s really a win-win.
  3. If you’re going for more practical, then check out these keychains for the BMW or MINI lover.
  4. And as long as they don’t carry this WITH them in their Bimmer, then this flask is also pretty cool!
  5. For the MINI enthusiasts, there are a TON of cool ideas on Etsy alone!
  6. And just so we don’t leave out the BMW lovers… check THESE out!
  7. Thank goodness for the folks at Bimmer World who have even MORE suggestions for your Bimmer-loving Valentine.

Since the world absolutely LOVES BMW’s and MINI’s, it will not be hard to get a little creative this Valentine’s Day and find something unique and special that will show your sweetheart just how thoughtful you are. The entire team at Bimmer Rescue would love any one of these suggestions, in particular #1 or #2. Our greatest passion, however, is making sure that you are safe on the roadways of Richmond and beyond. Thank you for your business! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

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