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The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving in the Snow

Winter can be a beautiful wonderland, but it can also provide for some treacherous driving. The best advice is to stay warm and safe at home, but that’s not always possible. Only go out if you absolutely have to, but we also know you can’t stay at home all winter long! 

When you’re driving in cold weather, remember to keep extra food and water, warm clothes, a flashlight with extra batteries, ice scraper, extra meds, warm blankets, and anything else that could help you stay cozy and happy if you happen to get stuck out there. Proper tire inflation, along with good tread, can help you stay on the road. Keeping your gas tank half full at all times is also a great idea in case you get stuck along the way. If you warm up your car, make sure it’s done in a well-ventilated area and never in a closed-in space, like your garage.

When you are driving in the snow:

  • Don’t be in a hurry and go slow.
  • Slow down and speed up more slowly than usual to help make sure you can gain the necessary traction for either action.
  • Keep additional space around you and increase your following distance to at least 5 seconds.
  • Take time to slow down, applying firm, consistent pressure to your brakes.
  • If you can avoid coming to a full stop and can keep rolling slowly, that’s the best way to help you get moving forward in the snow. 
  • Accelerating on a hill is an entirely different ball game in the snow. If you can, power up before you approach the hill and let inertia keep you going to the top. 

When you do go out in the snow, be prepared, and take your time. Give yourself plenty of extra time so you aren’t tempted to speed. Keep distractions to a minimum and let your GPS app talk you through it rather than looking at it throughout the drive. Leave your phone well out of reach. Let a family member or friend know your route in case you don’t arrive; then, they will know where to start looking for you. 

When it comes to rough winter weather, you can’t be too prepared. Let the team of well-seasoned auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue get your vehicle winter-ready to help you stay safe out there during any type of weather. Schedule an appointment today, and our team will take great care of your vehicle. You’ll see why clients from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, The Fan District, and surrounding areas have chosen Bimmer Rescue as their premier auto repair service. You’ll find us at 6401F Dickens Place in Richmond, VA 23230. We look forward to serving you soon!

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