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Spring Preparation to Keep Your Bimmer Beaming

Welcome to your March blog! And how about a welcome for the coming of Spring, which begins at the equinox on March 20th? A March Spring is the time of  ‘out with the old, in with the new’ all over the Northern Hemisphere. Do you and your family have any annual spring cleaning rituals?

At Bimmer Rescue, we want to challenge you to extend that house clean-up to your BMW. It’s a gorgeous, luxurious machine, and even if you have used your BMW less this year, it deserves a little TLC. We recommend the following course of clean-up:

  1. A complete clean. A full car wash and wax, with a vacuuming of the car’s cabin and engine.
  2. Detailing. A full wipe down with a powerful cleaner to remove any potential COVID-19 germs as well as anything else festering. Anything that doesn’t have an organized spot in the car should be removed.
  3. Minor dents and scratches. If your BMW has been knocked around a bit-- people opening doors into your side, scratches, dents-- this would be a good time to get an estimate to repair all of it.

Here’s an excellent guide to spring cleaning a BMW:

There are benefits of tidying your BMW beyond beautification. A cleaner car is a car you will take better care of when you drive, which in turn makes the ride safer for your passengers. We want you to be safe on the road, and a cleaner car is a safer car! Remember that if you need auto repairs for your BMW, please schedule an appointment today!

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