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Showing Your Bimmer The Love

Every day, with each drive you take, your BMW is showing you love. Its elegance makes you look sharp and professional. Its accuracy gives you mastery of the road. And its reliability keeps you on top of your game. Why not show some of that love back to your BMW when you can?

With the arrival of February and Valentine's Day, we want to suggest five steps you can take to show love back to your BMW in 2021.

  1. Protect the body, inside and out. Wash it on the outside, and spray down the interior on the inside. This kind of attention not only keeps these surfaces free of contaminants and bad things but also causes you to be more cautious with your BMW in your everyday commute.
  2. Employ a sunscreen. Protect that body further from sun damage by remembering to use a sunscreen device to block out the sun when your BMW parks for hours in the harsh sun. 
  3. Take it easy on the engine. Allow yourself extra time when you settle into the car to start the engine and let it run. Allowing the engine time to start before you begin to move gives your BWM time to get the fluids moving in your car and protecting the moving parts with lubricant.
  4. Top up the fluids regularly. Speaking of your BMW's fluids, you need more than just oil in your car. Topping up your fluids every three months or so will help you maintain the balance required and determine if your BMW's fluids need exchanging.
  5. Use preventative maintenance to keep your engine healthy. Preventative maintenance is the most love you can show your BMW. Keep up with the care by having it inspected at Bimmer Rescue. Let us tell you what services your BMW needs in the coming months, so you can budget and plan for issues before they damage your engine.

At Bimmer Rescue, we’re big on preventative maintenance. If you’d like to begin preventative maintenance for your BMW, schedule an appointment today!

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