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Make Your Mother Proud! Give Your Car 6-month Checkups.

In a sense, the team of auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue wants to play the part of a protective mother when it comes to auto repair. Clients come to us from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, The Fan District, and other surrounding communities because they’ve come to trust that we offer integrity, honesty, and guidance when they visit the Bimmer Rescue Facility. Our clients mean the world to us and truly feel like family. That’s why we are committed to offering top-notch services to make them feel secure on the roads. Make your mother proud and stay on top of preventive maintenance!

Here’s a story that illustrates what we mean from Rosalie M., who is a long-term client of ours:

“These guys are the real deal. If your car has a problem (or two), they do their best to give you options (i.e., you should fix this now, but you can wait on this other issue). I'm probably their best customer this year... with a Mini S with 90,000 miles that decided to have all of its problems at once... ;-)) but even so they've always been lovely. When this most recent repair threatened an upcoming vacation, they even made sure I was set up with a car so I could get to my destination. Amazing.”

Here’s another story from Sara M., who also broke down in Richmond.

“This place is amazing. I broke down on my way from Wilmington, NC to Charlottesville, VA, as a woman driving alone with my two small children (2.5 and 1 years old). I am so grateful I broke down a few miles away from Bimmer Rescue! Patrick showed up in a BMW station wagon just like ours and literally rescued us out of a strip mall parking lot, car seats, kids and all. He arranged for the tow truck to get my car to his shop and even helped buckle the kids into the seats and carried one into the shop for me. Such a friendly, personal guy and I am forever grateful to him for helping us that day! They did great work on the car, fixed the issue at hand and fixed it quickly too... It was ready within 2 days and we were able to keep our road trip plans that followed without any hiccups. The car ran so smoothly the rest of the trip all the way out to Asheville, NC and then back to Wilmington. I cannot say enough great things about this shop, from the friendly customer service, to the quality of work they performed on our car in such a timely manner. Also, they didn't mind my two year old playing around the shop, continually refilling his water at the water cooler while we waited and even had toy cars for him to play with. If we lived in Richmond, this would be our go-to shop and if I ever break down again on a road trip, I hope it is near these guys! Thank you so much Bimmer Rescue!!!”

We share these stories because we want you to know we think of you like family. We want you to be safe, cared for, comfortable, and treated with respect.

The key to having a reliable car and saving money is to have preventive maintenance performed on your vehicle. The team of exceptional auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue performs a physical evaluation on every car, so we can give you sensible recommendations that align with your long-term goals for the car. Our team recommends that you bring your vehicle in every six months. Should repairs take a little while, we’re happy to offer free rides home and loaner cars for extended repairs.

Call Bimmer Rescue if you need preventive maintenance or schedule an appointment online. We’re located at 6401F Dickens Place, Richmond, VA 23230. Our team of qualified auto mechanics are experts at auto repair and will provide professional and thorough car services in no time. Clients from Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District have come to trust that our commitment to stellar auto repair is unrivaled by our competition. We look forward to your visit!

Anytime you pick your car up after service we will schedule your 6-month checkup.  If you don't know what life will hold in 6 months request a follow-up call from us but either way, bring your car in every 6 months and make your mother proud!


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6 month checkups
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