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How Do I Know If My Bimmer Needs a Wheel Alignment?

Your BMW's alignment ensures your wheels and tires operate correctly. When your bimmer is aligned perfectly, the suspension components are adjusted to ensure everything lines up correctly. A wheel alignment can reduce tire wear, improve your BMW's performance, and allow you better handling. Many external factors like potholes and curbs can unexpectedly impact your alignment, which is why it is best to recognize the signs of misalignment early on. Here are the signs that your BMW is due for a wheel alignment:


Vehicle Pulling to Left or Right

Your vehicle pulling in one direction is the most obvious sign that you need a wheel alignment. If you're driving along a flat and straight road, your vehicle should continue to go straight. It is not safe to continue operating your BMW if it veers left or right. 


Uneven Tire Wear

If your front and back tires have irregular wear, you probably have a misalignment. Tire wear that's only in the center, only on the outer edges, or in a cupping shape are all abnormal patterns. Uneven tire tread can sometimes be challenging to detect, especially if you aren't sure what to look for. Schedule an inspection with us if you need a proper diagnosis.


Steering Wheel Feels Off

Your steering wheel should be centered when driving straight. If your steering wheel is not repositioning to the center after making a turn, then it is very likely that your BMW has misaligned wheels. A vibrating steering wheel is another irregularity that may indicate you need an alignment.


Tires Make Squealing Sounds

Misaligned wheels will disable your BMW from making proper contact with the road. As a result, you may hear a loud squeak. Your wheels should not make a squealing sound when driving in any normal circumstances.  


Your BMW will alert you, with the symptoms listed above, that you need a realignment. It is not safe to drive if you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned. Do not neglect a wheel alignment as it could put others at risk. Our team at Bimmer Rescue would gladly inspect and realign your wheels. We are a specialized auto repair shop located in Richmond, VA. Give us a call or visit today!

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