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Gratitude For Our Cars

With November approaching, despite the hardships of the past year, it’s important to recognize that we’ve survived, and to give thanks for that. As we gather together for Thanksgiving at the end of the month, perhaps it’s a good time to give praise to that family member that we rely on too readily and credit too little: our cars.

You can’t give your BMW a slice of pumpkin pie or the drumstick, or even a place at the table, but you can show a little more love to your car in the year ahead. Here’s a list of ideas to show your BMW the love over the next year:

  • Keep it clean inside and out. Dirt inside your BMW is unhealthy for you, and dirt n the outside of your BMW can get caught in your car’s systems, choking them. Also, a clean car is a happier driver… and you are less anxious to protect a car that you think of as dirty. Clean car = safer car.
  • Protect the interior. If your BMW has a leather interior, it’s important to treat and clean it regularly. On hot days in summer, take the time to find it a little shade. It’s a small kindness that will add to your BMW’s longevity.
  • Keep calm and let it go. On a good day, or on a bad day, or on any day, someone will take advantage of your good nature and cut you off, or put you at risk for an accident with bad driving. The natural impulse is to lash out, curse, throw up an obscene gesture. The way to fight bad driving is not to be a person who curses, shouts, and puts out obscene gesture. Yelling and venting might help you get out frustrations, but it also makes your BMW a place of anger and negative emotion. Don’t let other drivers do that to your BMW. Laugh it off, be glad you’re okay, and let the anger go. 
  • Check your optics. Your mirrors, your windows… clean all of them, and make sure you have clear views at all times. Seeing trouble from a distance is always preferable to seeing it as it comes through your windscreen.
  • Strings errands together. Fewer trips means less wear and tear on your car. When you have errands, arrange them together and plot the most efficient route to complete them all.
  • Get a Vehicle Health Check. Let us do a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to address the immediate issues, the short-term concerns, and the long-term items.

If you’d like to book in with an auto mechanic for a Vehicle Health Check or another auto repair at Bimmer Rescue, you can click on this embedded link to pre-schedule your visit. Or, call (804) 726-3458 to speak to an associate. Bimmer Rescue services Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District, at 6401F Dickens Place, Richmond, VA 23230. 

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