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Monthly Archives: March 2020

The Value of a Vehicle Health Check

The Value of a Vehicle Health Check

When it comes to knowing the health of your car, a VHC or Vehicle Health Check is just what you might want to have performed. This visual inspection can put your mind at ease, whether your car is safe to drive or in need of serious work. These simple visual inspections performed by a professional who follows a checklist use a traffic light system. This means that you will have a checklist with Green, Amber, and Red items. Green means you are good to go, Amber means there is recommended work to be performed, and Red means that your vehicle needs urgent attention. Every time you have a VHC performed, no actual work is performed without your permission, and nothing on your car is disassembled.  It is standard for Brakes, tires, lights, fluid levels, exhaust, steering, suspension, and electrical items on your car to be inspected. This all comes delivered in a checkpoint report. If anything comes back in yellow or red, your service writer will explain what the mechanic found and what ... read more


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