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Spring is Here! How Do I Protect My Car From Pollen Damage?

Spring is here, yay! That also means allergy season is here and jam-packed with lots of pollen. Not only do you have problems caused by pollen, so does your car. You can take an allergy pill to solve the problem; unfortunately, your car can’t. Here are some tips and tricks to protect your vehicle from pollen damage. 

Pollen is that yellow stuff that covers your car when Spring starts. It looks harmless. If you look at it under a microscope, you can see that it has little hooks that are used to latch on things. Pollen can latch onto your clothes, car, and hair. It is also very acidic meaning when it gets wet from rain; rain can also be acidic, the mixture will eat away the paint on your car. 

Removing pollen isn’t as easy as you think, so here is what not to do. You might think that a simple wipe will solve the problem, while in fact, it will make it worse. Those microscopic hooks will still scratch the paint. Spraying it down with water doesn’t work either. Even hose water will mix with the pollen and make it acidic enough to eat the paint off of your car; in worse cases, it can cause rust.

Here is what you should do to remove pollen and protect your car. Use warm soapy water and give your car a good wash. Make sure only to use soap that is meant for cars; household dish soap is not very good to use. Once you have cleaned your car apply wax. Wax acts as an extra protective layer which makes it hard for the pollen to hook onto your vehicle. 

After you’ve put in all that time and energy, Spring clean and park your car in your garage. If you don’t have access to a garage, buy a car cover. Car covers aren’t just for flashy sports cars; they’re a logical solution to pollen protection. If you’re out and about and forgot your car cover don’t worry, the pollen monster won’t come after you. Try your best to avoid parking under or near trees; these are danger zones. If you have leather seats and are worried about having scorching your rear end after parking in the sun, you can purchase inexpensive sun visor for your car. 

Lastly, to prevent pollen from getting into your car, you should check your air filter. This can easily be done at home or quickly from your automotive shop. A new filter means less pollen will get into your car. Keep your windows up and instead use the air conditioner. Make sure to use the recirculate setting for your air conditioner to keep pollen from coming inside. 

By using these tips and tricks, you can protect yourself and your vehicle from the pollen season. All these tips can be done at home with a little effort. If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to come on down to Bimmer Rescue. We’ve got you covered when it comes to anything mechanical or digital when it comes to keeping your Bimmer in tip-top shape!

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