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Richmond BMW and MINI Repair

We Make Your Mini Move!

Looking for MINI repair specialists in Richmond? Bimmer Rescue are trustworthy MINI experts working on all new (BMW-era) MINI Cooper, Cooper S, Countryman, Clubman, Paceman and Coupe models. We offer premium-quality attention to detail with advanced technological tooling to accurately diagnose and restore your MINI to it’s normal level of exceptional performance, safety and reliability.

  • Did your MINI overheat? We have the best technicians and equipment needed to properly diagnose and repair any cooling system issue accurately and quickly the first time to prevent damage to expensive components. Replacing your leaky radiator, water pump, thermostat, coolant hoses, or your coolant reservoir has never been easier. Call us today at (804) 793-8695
  • Is your “service engine soon” light on? We have advanced MINI-specific diagnostic equipment and talented technicians that can pinpoint the root cause of the issue accurately and quickly so you can trust your mini cooper to drive into the extreme road conditions you subject it to daily. We have the experience necessary to understand the mix of error codes that your MINI is reporting that is causing your check engine light to illuminate.
  • Is your MINI Cooper shaking or wobbling? We have advanced troubleshooting equipment and technicians that can save you money by solving complex handling and driving issues by replacing the right part the first time. We have experience replacing worn control arms, tie rods, struts, sway bar end links, shock absorbers, mounts and more! Contact us today!
  • Did you MINI fail a state inspection? We specialize in mini coopers, which means that we work on them every day, allowing us to quickly identify the items that you need to drive safely and present them to you in order of importance so you can make the best decision possible.
  • Is you MINI Cooper losing power? Does it feel sluggish? We are able to repair and clean your engine to restore the powerful punch it had when it was brand new. We also can service and assess the condition of your transmission, CVT or standard.
  • Do you need tires on your MINI? Low profile wheels are very difficult to work with on a standard tire machine, we have industry leading equipment that can install runflat or standard tires without scratching or damaging your expensive wheels.
  • Do you need an alignment for your MINI? We have the industry leading 3D laser alignment equipment provided by Hunter. This equipment allows us to align your MINI better than when it was new to improve handling and save you money by reducing tire wear. Interested in hearing more? Give us a call at (804)793-8695
  • Do you want your MINI Cooper to last forever? We can recommend the preventative maintenance, fluids and filters that the dealership claims are “lifetime” fluids / filters. We all know there is no such thing, at Bimmer Rescue we consider preventative maintenance cheap insurance against a costly engine or transmission replacement.

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