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What Does a “Service Engine Soon” Light Mean in a European Vehicle?

What Does a “Service Engine Soon” Light Mean in a European Vehicle?

Whenever their European Vehicles need service, car owners trust our team of auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue to handle everything. As the go-to auto repair shop throughout Richmond, Short Pump, the West End, and the Fan District, we provide honest and reliable service. If you own a European vehicle, particularly a BMW or MINI, you most likely have seen that “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light appear on your dashboard. You may have wondered exactly what that light means. Keep reading, and we will break it down for you.   Your car is a complex machine, built to be both dependable and innovative, and our team of auto mechanics is well-versed in the ins and outs of your beloved vehicle. If your Service Engine Soon light has appeared on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. This light is a warning telling you that something’s not quite right. It does not mean your engine is imminent danger of exploding, but you should call us as soon as you se ... read more