Bimmer Rescue was created in 2008 in Richmond Virginia.  Our business is focused on showing the public that auto repair CAN BE BETTER than the industry standard.  That means we're hand selected top technicians and advisors that are motivated to do the right thing for your car and you. 

Patrick McHugh (owner) of Bimmer Rescue

Patrick McHugh (owner)

Patrick moved to Richmond temporarily in 2007, fell in love with the city, set down roots and started a family. He earned a degree from Purdue University in Aeronautical technology. He has experience flying as a First Officer for the airlines as well as an Airframe & Powerplant maintenance rating. Patrick has been actively working on BMW’s and european cars for since age 14 and the brings the precise, careful workmanship used on the worlds most complicated aircraft to Bimmer Rescue every day. Patrick enjoys spending time with his family in the city and loves going to work at Bimmer Rescue every day.

Why do you work here?:  I'm here for a lot of reasons, but here are the biggest motivators that keep me pushing to improve Bimmer Rescue every day.

1:  Operations:  The automotive industry doesn't have the best reputation.  I feel that it's come from years of cut throat competition and a failure of our industry to sell value over price.  I have made it my mission to show our customers that car care can be a better experience than the "industry standard" and that starts with establishing a relationship with every customer.  We begin by discussing their needs and plans for the car and catering a plan that meets those needs.  We have made our shop all about preventative maintenance...  We would much rather change fluids, filters and belts than replace engines and transmission.  I also believe that being without your car can be a pain, so we focus on taking care of the customers transportation needs with complementary loaner cars and shuttle service to and from our shop.

2:  Outreach:  There is a shortage of good, qualified honest technicians in our industry!  As the company grows i've found that finding qualified people that align with our values is a big challenge.  A few decades ago cars were simpler, almost anyone could tune up a car in their driveway.  Nowadays cars are like rolling computer networks and require all sorts of tools and computers let alone years of training to comprehend.  Less people have the time and knowledge to tinker with cars for fun anymore which has had an impact on the number of young people interested in mechanical careers.  This is sad to me because good master technicians can make good money without a college degree.  We've taken it upon ourselves to give young people an opportunity to see that they can live a good life working with their hands through our youth outreach programs.  We routinely host 14-17 year olds for STEM Automotive Care Clinics where the kids learn how an engine works, change a tire, jump start a car, change oil and are shown the academic path that can take them into our industry.  The technician shortage is a big problem to tackle, but I hope that I can show at least a few kids along the way that THEY CAN DO IT!   

3:  Women in the industry.  In the automotive industry as a whole (Design, manufacturing, sales, service, administrative, etc) roughly 25% of the industry is women.  This isn't bad but it's nowhere close to where it should be for this day in time.  In the shop women make up a staggeringly low .6% of technicians!  No wonder we have a technician shortage!!!  The fact of the matter is that our industry has not been welcoming to the industry.  Auto repair used to be a dangerous, dirty job that required lots of heavy lifting, nowadays it's at least 40% computer based and we use special tools to reduce fatigue on our bodies.  At one of our Scout Car Care Merit Badge classes I gave a small wrench to the strongest kid there and he couldn't break a lug bolt loose, I asked the kids to find a way and the smallest kids found an extension and broke it loose with one hand.  I truly believe that being a technician is brains over brawn and that ANYONE CAN DO IT!  I believe that it's our responsibility to welcome women into our industry, that's why we sponsor Women's Car Care Clinics and work with the Girl Scouts.